Your Wake Wedge - How to Get Started
Placement of the Wake Wedge is key to getting the right wake for you.  We advise placing it no lower than the chine on the side of your hull, at the rear of the hull, on the opposite side to where you want to surf.
  •  1. Clean the hull area with soap and a cloth to get off any surface grime.
  •  2. Set off with the rear of the wedge about 50cm from the stern.
  •  3. Adjust the position according to boat trim and rider needs.
  •  4. Set it as far below the waterline as possible, but not beyond the chine.
Where to position your Wake Wedge
Safety features of the Wake Wedge


Attach the safety lanyard to a suitable cleat to prevent the wake wedge from hitting the rider should the suckers lose grip – This will only happen if you go too fast or have not cleaned and fixed the suckers correctly.

Push the yellow safety toggle down the safety lanyard and into the wake wedge sucker handle to prevent water pressure from accidentally releasing the sucker’s lever.

Watch your speed, max is 15-18 km/hr.

Fine tuning the Wake Wedge
To get the best suction, make sure you clean the hull first, then the testing begins.

If the Wake Wedge is closer to the stern your wake will become taller and steeper, closer to the bow the wake gets shallower but with a longer sweet spot (good for beginners who may need more time to find the sweet spot.)

You can attach the Wake Wedge whilst still in the boat.  Leaning over the stern, attach the safety rope to your rear cleat, line up the suckers with the top of the blade at water level and push both black levers to lock the suckers onto your hull.  You have to push quite hard, and it should feel firmly locked into place. If the levers go down easily it probably means your hull is too dirty or you have trapped air, clean the hull or pump the levers to help expel any trapped air.  The rule of thumb is that if it locks in place easily it’s going to come off easily! The plastic toggle then slides down the rope to lock into the rear black lever to stop the water pressure from accidentally releasing this lever.

The angle of the Wake Wedge is adjustable, to give you further options in creating the optimal wake.  This is adjusted by pushing the metal pin in and sliding it among the 3 settings.  Note: if you go too steep with the angle, and too fast the wedge may pop off. (the suckers can withstand 250Kg pressure, but they’re not super human!)