Europe's first fully adjustable wake shaper - The Wake Wedge

Our after market wake shaper, fits to any inboard boat.

Instead of installing an expensive wake surf conversion, try the Wake Wedge!
You don't need to load your boat with people, or fill it with fat sacks, just attach the Wake Wedge and you're ready to go.

Small Wake Wedge Blade

Small Wake Wedge

Medium Wake Wedge Blade

Medium Wake Wedge

Large Wake Wedge Blade

Large Wake Wedge

The Wake Wedge is an adjustable system where you can change the mounting angle of the blade and/or change the size, shape and style of the actual blade to create the perfect wake surfing conditions for you.  All within a couple of minutes!

Designed to fit the vast majority of inboard boats, our wake shaper system gives you a variety of set-ups that will suit beginners and experienced wake surfers alike!

Interchangeable blades to generate your desired wake


Position 1: 85 Degrees maximum deflection

Wake Wedge at maximum deflection


Position 2: 60 Degrees normal deflection

Wake Wedge at standard deflection


Position 3: 40 Degrees minimum deflection

Wake Wedge at minimum deflection


Adjustable mounting angle to fine tune the wake shaper to your requirements


Jardan Darwin European Wake Surf Champion

Europe's Premier Wake Shaper

  • Suction based wake shaper, so no Velcro needed, or drilling for mounting brackets!
  • Install it easily - 1 person, tool-free, from inside the boat in under 30 seconds.
  • Strong suction to hold it in place all day, with no damage to your boat’s gel coat.
  • Suctions cups hold up to 250KG so depending on which size blade and angle gives you a surfing speed from 15 - 18 km/hr
  • Flexibility in how and where you mount it, you can test it and re-test it until you find the perfect location.
  • Adjustable angle to ensure you get the wave you like – lower and longer, or taller and punchier.
  • Inter changeable blades to, again, ensure you get the most fuel efficient or challenging, wave you like.
  • Neoprene flexible sealing strip to provide optimum water deflection for different hull contours.
  • Our most popular model has vented edges, which promote wave clean up, provides a better wave to ride, and reduces the stress on your boat.
Never load your boat again
Wake Surfer

Our Wake Shaper switches sides in seconds

  • No need to load your boat with fat sacks or people – with just the wedge, driver, and your ballast tanks full, you will still get an excellent wake.
  • No need to empty & refill tanks on separate sides, set the ballast to full and leave it.
  • No more leaning – balance the ballast & people so you have a more comfortable day.
  • With the supplied buoyancy our system floats, depending on blade size being used you might need to adjust the buoyancy to ensure it floats in all conditions but it also comes with a lanyard for extra security.
  • Works on the majority of inboards – optional blades to create the perfect wake for your boat.
  • Collapsible to reduce space on your boat.
  • Take your existing wake and shape it into an awesome, surfable wave.
  • All materials are hard wearing and marine durable.
  • Our system is modular by design - should anything get broken, rather that throw it all away, you can purchase a simple replacement part.
Fits in seconds, with no tools required
How to attach your Wake Wedge

Ready to go in under 10 seconds

  • Placement of the Wake Wedge is key to getting the right wake for you. We advise placing it no lower than the side of your hull, at the rear of the hull, on the opposite side to where you want to surf.
  • If the Wake Wedge is closer to the stern your wake will become taller and steeper, closer to the bow the wake gets shallower but with a longer sweet spot (good for beginners who may need more time to find the sweet spot.)
  • You can fit the Wake Wedge from inside the boat, with no tools needed, and no damage to your boat!!!